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▲ 几点当代艺术中心 Points Center for Contemporary Art

 展厅 Exhibition Hall ©Points

几点当代艺术中心(Points Center for Contemporary Art,以下简称几点),于2017年由当代艺术家原弓创立并担任艺术总监。致力于支持全球当代艺术创作与记录、推广当代艺术与文化研究,主要项目包括艺术家驻留、档案数据库建设、展览及公共教育活动等。旨在激发多元文化交流,激活本土艺术生态,同时为公众搭建互动桥梁。


▲ 公共空间 Public Space ©Points



▲ 下沉式剧场 Sunken Theater ©Points

Points Center for Contemporary Art was established by contemporary artist Yuan Gong in 2017. Committed to supporting the creation and recording of global contemporary art, and promoting research into contemporary art and culture, Points’ major projects include artists’ residency, archive and database construction, exhibitions, and public education activities. We aim to stimulate multicultural communication, activate the local art ecology, and build interactive bridges for the public. 


▲ 展厅 Exhibition Hall ©Points

Points advocates “life within art,” fully integrating the natural and human environments of a traditional water town,  while inviting global artists with contemporary creative vision to live and create locally, triggering public dialogue through contemporary art creation and injecting artistic energy into local communities.



▲ 艺术家 Artist/井上唯 Yui Inoue ©Points



▲ 几点周围湖景 Points lake view ©Points



▲ 艺术家 Artist/Minke Nouwens ©Points

截止2019年,几点与荷兰V2_多媒体实验室(V2_Lab for Unstable Media)、澳大利亚Asialink、俄罗斯Zarya当代艺术中心、日本S-AIR艺术机构、泰国S.A.C.艺术中心、台北国际艺术村、瑞士文化基金会上海办公室建立了紧密联系与合作。未来将与更多国际机构发生联结,构建全球范围内紧密的交流网络。

International Residency Program 


▲ 艺术家 Artist/松田壮统 Masanori Matsuda ©Points

Points regards artistic creation as an important part of a vibrant, just, and healthy society. The international artist residency program is mainly conducted in three ways: through the exchange of international institutions, open recruitment, and invitation. It is aimed at all types of artists, and also curators, writers, musicians, scientists, researchers, and experts in other related disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. 

During their stays, Points will hold public outreach and education events from time to time. The project will also invite other relevant researchers to get involved to generate dialogue with a wide range of perspectives.


▲ 艺术家 Artist/铃木悠哉 Yuya Suzuki ©Points

Points is located on the shores of Wubao Lake in the old town of Jinxi in Kunshan, Jiangsu province. It sits in a landscape criss-crossed by rivers and canals and the simple, ancient human environment that inhabits them. The center covers an area of about 2,000 square meters and has a pagoda-style pavilion at its heart. Standing in the center’s garden, you can feel the clean white pebbles on your feet. You can look at the open lake, and listen to the songs of fishing boats and chanting from the neighboring temple. 

Six guest rooms, a carpentry workshop, an exhibition hall, a reference room, a projection hall, and a small theater guarantee artists’ living and creative facilities during their stays, allowing them to devote themselves to the residency process and artistic creation.


▲ 艺术家 Artist/Dane Lovett ©Points

In 2019, Points had established close ties and cooperative relationships with V2_Lab for Unstable Media, Australia's Asialink, Russia's Zarya Contemporary Art Center, Japan's S-AIR arts organization, Thailand's Subhashok the Arts Centre, the Taipei International Art Village, and the Swiss Culture Foundation's Shanghai office. In the future, Points will connect with more international institutions and build a close-knit communication network on a global scale.




▲ 几点驻留展览第四回现场 Points residency exhibition IIII ©Points

Residency exhibitions|Temporary special exhibitions 

Creative achievements during an artist's residency are usually presented in an exhibition. On the opening day of the exhibition, talks are held between artists, invited curators, scholars, and the public, and we are continuously open by appointment to provide a communication platform for arts institutions, arts workers, and the public.





▲ 展览开幕讲座 Exhibition opening lecture ©Points


As a global exchange platform for contemporary art, we will occasionally invite curators, scholars, and resident artists from all over the world to share and exchange in the hopes of establishing a space for the kind of interdisciplinary dialogue that can inspire arts workers and promote experimental contemporary artworks.

Lectures and salons are open to the public by appointment.




▲ 锦溪古镇青年动画展 Jinxi youth animation exhibition ©Points

Public education activities 

The development of public education activities is an important bridge for communication and exchange with the public. At the same time, Points is committed to integrating artistic creation as a way of life into more dimensions of society. This communication combines with ongoing residencies and exhibitions in the center to explore the intrinsic value of an arts culture — promoting it and popularizing its humanistic and social value with professional knowledge — and provides the public with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of art creation through innovative interactive forms. These events bridge the masses and professionals, building bonds and sparking thought and dialogue.





▲ 井上唯与柳船工作坊作品 Work by Yui Inoue and willow workshop ©Points

Archive database construction 

Points Center for Contemporary has also established an archival database construction project. This project is an indispensable source of information that guarantees artistic creation, research, historical compilation, and cultural exchange. Based on the events and exhibitions in our and our partners’ spaces, audio and video recordings of creative processes and interviews contribute to an in-depth understanding of artists and their works. By sorting out and systematically correlating relevant data, we continually improve this artistic archive. 

It aims to serve thinkers and practitioners who are engaged in research at the intersection of arts and the humanities across the world, and provide more detailed information for scholars to study and explore in-depth the development of art. In addition, through cooperation with other well-known publishing platforms, we carry out diverse cultural activities and projects, strengthening interdisciplinary innovation and spreading the spirit of culture and art.


▲ 几点当代艺术中心 Points Center for Contemporary Art


几点当代艺术中心(Points Center for Contemporary Art)于2017年由当代艺术家原弓创立并担任艺术总监,致力于支持全球当代艺术创作与记录、推广当代艺术与文化研究,主要项目包括艺术家驻留、档案数据库建设、展览及公共教育活动等。艺术中心提倡“艺术中的生活”,邀请并支持具有当代艺术创作视野的全球艺术家在地生活、创作,与在地文化艺术形成联结,以此激发全球化当代创作的能量。几点致力于为艺术创作者提供优质的条件,并为公众建立与当代艺术互动的环境和平台。

Points Center for Contemporary Art, founded by contemporary artist Yuan Gong in 2017, is devoted to the creation and recording of contemporary art and the promotion of art and culture. Main projects include artist residency, the construction of an archival database, exhibitions, and public education activities. 

The center advocates “life within art” inviting and supporting the life and creation of global artists in this center, forming a connection with local art and culture. We espouse contemporary artistic vision and explosive creative power in order to stimulate the energy of globalized contemporary creation. Points devotes itself to providing high-quality conditions for art creators and creating an environment and platform for the public to interact with contemporary art.


Points Center for Contemporary Art

周二至周六 10:00am–17:00pm





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